Varsity Jacket Maker started out a while ago, back when our kid Kris was still in school. He was a high school athlete with huge potential.

We didn’t have much spare cash. Both of us worked, but getting our son a jacket he deserves was “outside of our budget”. Never one to back off from a challenge, Sandy decided to make one herself. It took a few tries, pattern improvements, and fabric testing, but she got it right. And boy did she get it right! In fact, she got it so right that when Kris went to school, other kids wanted one too. And that’s how Varsity Jacket Maker began, and it’s grown quickly since then.

It’s amazing how word spreads when you’ve got a good quality product at an affordable price. Just from word of mouth, the business took off.

First, Sandy, then Monty, resigned from their day jobs to grow their new venture. Their love of sports and high-quality products meant that they were committed to providing the best letterman jackets at an affordable price to all kids across America.


Hi, I’m Monty, a retired Navy veteran. My background isn’t in clothing design, or anything fancy. But I do love my sports. Growing up, playing sports and staying active was always really important to me, and I guess it rubbed off on my son too.

I remember spending almost every afternoon in the yard when he was grown up, helping him practice his catching, throwing, and kicking. One of my proudest moments was when Kris was given a starting place on his high school team.


Hi, I’m Sandy! I was always good with my hands; I’m one of those people who just can’t sit idle – I’m always cooking, baking, knitting or sewing something. I remember the day so clearly when Kris came home with the announcement that he’d been selected for the football team. Monty was so proud. Then came the business of the letterman jackets… It was a tough time for us, there wasn’t a lot of money spare, so I did what I’ve always done – kept busy…

I spent some time looking at jacket patterns and available materials and figured, heck, how hard can it be? It took a bit longer than I thought to get it right, but I eventually got it. And the rest is history!